North Midway Bandminton League

AGM 8th July 2006 Minutes

Attendees:   Eric Brown, Badminton England
Paul Lau, NMBL Treasurer
Alison Harrison, MNBL Secretary
Sue Foster, NMBL Chair
John Foster, Yorks
Paul Adcock, Notts
Ray Harrison, Yorks
Barry Vinden, Lancs
Laurence Beech, Yorks
Angela Nettleton, Yorks
Mark Jarvis, Yorks
Andy Vaughan, Durham
Richard Taylor, Northumberland
Dominic Chanlam, Yorks
Graham Horsfield, Yorks
Helen Weaver, Cheshire
Anne Lewis, Lancs


Sue Foster opened with a welcome to all attendees.

1. Nominations & elections of officers:


2. Points arising from last meeting:


3. Fixtures 2006/2007:


4. Address by Eric Brown:


5. Amendments to the 1 grade 2 girl & 1 grade 2 boy rule:


6. Scoring system:


7. Contacts & email addresses:


8. Results:


9. Web site:


10. Payments & costs:


11. Conference date:


12. AOB:


Alison Harrison
21 August 2006