Executive AGM



Present: Sue & John Foster; Paul Lau; Gail Robbins




1.     Dates for 2013-14

1st Round

U14/U16 20.10.13/ 05.10.13 (anything)

U12     03.11.12

U16     17.11.13

Primary 08.12.13 – Sue Foster


2nd Round

U14     26.01.14

U16     16.02.14

U12     09.03.14

Primary           23.03.14

Not running the U 18

To check with Richard to make sure this doesn’t clash with his events


2.    U14 2013

To award the winners and runners up from first leg and not set another date

Leics 1st

Yorks 2nd


3.    Discussed an increase in subscription

Paul felt that we could still cover trophies

Trophies for last year cost us £406

Maintain at £80


4.    Rules

Need to stick to old format – an extra mixed can be played if time allows

There are 10 rubbers 2 of each discipline

            Organisers to e-mail rules to managers prior to the match

Gail to update now there are no U18 events


5.    Photo Gallery

Can managers send photos for us to include on the website. Please make sure you have parents permissions to do this. 


6.    Sue and John

To do rewrite aims and objectives forintroductions


7.    Doubles – proposal comments please

U14 and U16 Summer/ Xmas event; please let us know your views on this

Charge per pair – could make it a team event


8.    Tips for the day – John Foster to review this and update the document on the website.


9.    Happy to advertise PC summer schools  on the website so please send through anything you would like to have included.


10.  New Counties

Staffordshire (Geoff Davies) wanting to join the events

Durham and Northumberland are joining forces

Continue to invite Lincs and seek interest in the events from  Northants, Worcs, Shropshire


Gail Robbins

NMBL Secretary