North Midway Badminton League




Event Dates and Costs


I am able to clarify that the dates of the events mailed you on 26th July 2011 remain the same. Apologies for any confusion caused when trying to organise another date for the U16 on 29.01.11 but I can confirm this event date remains the same.


Primary    23rd October 2011  - Sue Foster Yorks

U 16         30th October 2011 - Richard Taylor - Northumberland

U 12         6th November 2011 - Mark Attewell - Notts

U18          20th November 2011 - ORGANISER REQUIRED

U 14         11th December 2011 - Stephanie Cartright- Randle - Warks


Primary    15th January 2012  - Trevor Witts - Notts

U 16         29th  January 2012 - ORGANISER REQUIRED

U 14         26th February 2012 - Karen Heron - Cheshire

U12          11th March 2012 - ORGANISER REQUIRED


The cost of the hall this year has been reduced to £462.00 inc. VAT. These costs will be shared between participating counties. 


Nominations for county event organisers are requested as soon as possible. Thank you for all those who have provided me with changes to county contact details which should now be on the NMBL website. 



 Court Costs 2011/2012

10 teams £46.20

9 teams † £51.30

8 teams † £57.75


No team will have to pay more than £57.75. If the numbers of teams fall below 8 central funds will make up the difference. Normally the organiser on the day collects fees from all teams present and pays the hall fees at reception (I have attached a receipt form) .Cheques need to be made payable to 'Sheffield International Venues'. The events manager has confirmed that we should have no difficulties in making part payments by business cheques and cash.



Annual subscription costs remain at £80 per year. The membership fees cover the costs of trophies as well as subsidising training and matches. Any county wishing to enter two teams will be required to pay an additional £20 for each additional team entered.

You also need to bring shuttles for the day, as the shuttles required for matches are provided for by the 2 opposing teams.


Payments to be made directly to the NMBL Treasurer, Paul Lau. Contact details as follows:

Paul Lau
35 Wyndford Terrace
West Yorkshire
LS16 6HU
Tel: 0113 2756251


Please donít hesitate to contact me if you require further information.


Gail Robbins

NMBL Secretary

Tel: 01977 780844

Mobile: 07818 655044