North Midway Badminton League

AGM Minutes Saturday 9 July 2005

Attendees: Sue Foster, John Foster, Paul Lau, Peter Hainsworth, Dave Clarke, Richard Taylor, Eric Brown, David Dunlop, Brian Ward, Diane Crow, Helen Weaver, Alex Fenton, Alison Harrison


1. Last year's Minutes: Not available

2. Officer's reports

3. Election of new officers

4. Dates for 2005/06: Agreed. (The primary dates were subsequently changed) Due to success, U16 Doubles Tournament to continue in June 2006.

5. Venue: Increased cost of Herringthorpe discussed. Suggested this still represented good value & no other possible sites are so well geographically located as Herringthorpe. Agreed that NMBL tournaments should continue to be located at Herringthorpe. AH to book accordingly.

6. Trophies: Lively discussion about quality and cost of replacements as suggested by AH. Agreed to obtain from new source but to buy smaller medals to keep costs down.

7. Under 18s event: AH suggested that, as so little for children following U17, NMBL should run 2 tournaments for U18s. Agreed.

8. Summer School: SF taking up to 35 children to IOM 1st to 4th August 2005. Coaching by Steve Butler & James Vincent. Cost 165 including board & travel. Let SF know names asap.

9. Stockport Metro: Stockport not a county so cannot join NMBL as membership counties only. Eric Brown to write to Stockport on behalf of Badminton England. Agreed that NMBL invite other counties to attend. Northamptonshire suggested for 1st invitation. Flintshire another possibility. Suggested numbers may become a problem so teams limited to 1st 12 that enter.

10. Success cards: SF showed cards designed for Yorkshire to pass out to schools.

11. Eric Brown: Gave a lively & informative talk about Badminton England, including the 4.2 M finances for 2005/6, the changes to the training programme for the World Start players & the new grading system being brought in from 1st September 2005. SF thanked EB. NMBL congratulations to Eric for his appointment as interim chief executive of Badminton England.

12. AOB


Alison Harrison