North Midway Bandminton League

Minutes meeting 23rd October 2005 at Herringthorpe

Present:   Sue Foster: Chair
Alison Harrison: Secretary
Kishor Radia: Leicestershire
Mary Bolden: Durham
Peter Clarke: Lincolnshire
Ian Lovell: Northumberland
Tom Richards: Lancashire
Dave Mason: Warwickshire
Graham Kirkham: Cheshire
Apologies for absence received from Paul Lau

SF opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending and gave a brief background to NMBL, including the fact that it is a friendly event, which is intended to bring on both players and their managers.

AH said that NMBL currently has 700 in the bank. Several counties not paid annual subscription, Lincoln owes for last season as well due to problems within their county. Peter Clarke generously paid Lincs subscription from his own pocket.

AH suggested that counties should pay for their membership on or before the first NMBL tournament of the season, and any county which fails to pay their subscription by 31 December may jeopardise their team's entry into tournaments. This was agreed for next season by the attendees.

It was suggested that to encourage prompt payment a reduction in charge for early payers could be made. It was therefore suggested that the new membership fee should be 60 with a reduction to 50 if payment is received on or before the first NMBL tournament. This was agreed for next season.

If your county has not paid please arrange to send a cheque asap to Paul Lau at 35, Wyndford Terrace, Leeds, LS16 6HU.

The North Midway Doubles Championship highly successful and SF again thanked Lancashire for their smooth running of the event. Agreed by all for this to continue.
(AH: York RI booked for Sunday 2nd July 2006)
AH said problems with agreeing event organisers. Thanks to KR who volunteered to run the U16 event. Lancs will run the U18 and Yorks the U16 doubles.

AH now able to report long awaited updates to website have been incorporated. Asked for counties to agree that we can have links to their county websites. Please send your addresses when this is agreed by your counties.
SF suggested photos for the website and Lancs agreed to supply them dependent on our website guru's ability to put them on.
(AH: this is possible so any you wish to include please send to me)

Conference date:
Confirmed and booked for 8 July 2006 at York RI. SF suggested Eric Brown and Vicki Foster from BAofE should be invited to attend to inform group of future changes. A training event for Under 13s will also run on the day for 6 children from each county, with 1 or 2 trainee coaches.
The coaching course was discussed as the last event was poorly attended and resulted in a loss to NMBL. SF thought that as the course was for young coaches from each county and provided an official coaching qualification, that counties should wish to retain this opportunity for their county's coaches.
(AH note: please let me know if your county wishes to continue with this coaches' training opportunity at York. Replies by email by 30 November 2005)

Summer School:
SF advised successful 3 day event on IOM. 5,194 income and 5,226 expenditure but shortfall paid by IOM. SF volunteered to run this event for the Under 15 group in late July/early August 2006. Our thanks to all the time and effort put in by Sue for running this event and SF asked also for a special thanks to Sarah Howe for her help here. (Thanks also to all the coaches and helpers who made the event enjoyable and in particular to the welcome received from all on IOM)

Confirmed that it is OK to borrow players if your county does not have enough players. If loaned they play for their adopted county and their points count towards that county's points score for the tournament.
Players older than the set age limit, regardless of their playing ability, will be ineligible to play at a younger age group event.
SF mentioned success cards used by counties and volunteered to supply them should counties wish to use them.

Alison Harrison
29 October 2005