Tournament Rules 2012/13

Team membership:

Comment: The new gradings that have been brought is will match the old equivalent. I understand that FGHI will be accepted. Further clarification is being sought from Badminton England.


Rank Order:

The Referee:

The Team Managers:


Order of Play:

The programme: A match will comprise of the following games where time allows

2 x boys singles; 2 x girls singles
2 x boys doubles; 2 x girls doubles
2 x mixed doubles

Match and Group winners: The following criteria will be used in order to establish a winner

Overall winner:

The overall winner is decided by adding together the results from both tournaments for that age group. The winning county at each tournament is allocated a score of 1, the runner-up 2, the next 3, & so on. The scores for the two tournaments are added together to give an overall score. The county team with the lowest score wins. In the event that 2 counties have the same total, the winner is:

1. The county which has won the most matches in total
2. The county which has won the most games in total
3. The total points from both tournaments.

4. Trophies are awarded after the 2nd event once results are amalgamated