Organiser Tips for running the day

  1. When there are nine counties entered in an event it is important to play 5 x 4 rather than 3 x 3 teams as the latter allows too many youngsters to be free to roam around the centre leading to complaints from Concord. It is clearly more sensible to only have one team sat off.
  2. The organisers are responsible for checking and contacting counties who are playing on the day. They also need to bring spare shuttles should they be required which can be purchased by the other teams if they run short.
  3. The organiser can reduce the points per game in a round of games if time is running short.
  4. It is recommended to put a pack together containing the correct number of match sheets, a nomination sheet, a receipt and where possible an order of play.
  5. When you know how many teams are entered for the event, complete a draw with alternative versions for different numbers of teams ( you can find various team draws on the website.) It is also important to check the results for the matches before games are played in the New Year so that the winner and runner-up are in different groups for the second event.
  6. The format of the groups recommended are:
  7. Be prepared for last-minute drop-outs and print blank versions of alternative formats in case this happens.
  8. For guidance, a match with 10 games on two courts, playing to 21 will take about 75 minutes; whereas on three courts it will take approximately 60 minutes.
  9. There will be 9 courts available for play.
  10. Be prepared to encourage managers to keep their games moving and limit knock-up time to ensure you keep to schedule.
  11. Keep all the courts in use as much as possible. Move matches around to use spare courts if some matches are ahead of others.
  12. In the event of an injury, the primary First Aid contact is the sports centre reception.
  13. Costs - see separate section on costs of the day. Organisers are responsible for collecting the money for the event on the day.
  14. At the end of the day the organiser is responsible to check the hall for any items left behind and provide an inventory of lost property for Gail so she can pass this on to the various counties.
  15. In case of severe weather conditions the organiser needs to contact Gail Robbins (NMBL Secretary) the Saturday before the Sunday of the event to discuss whether the event needs to be cancelled.

Order of Play - 9 Courts

1 Group of 5

1X2 1X3 1X4 1X5 2X4
3X4 4X5 2X5 2X3 5X3
(5 rest) (2 rest) (3 rest) (4 rest) (1 rest)

1 Group of 6

1X2 1X3 1X4 1X5 1X6
3X4 4X5 5X2 2X3 2X4
5X6 2X6 6X3 6X4 3X5

1 Group of 7

1X2 2X3 1X3 1X4 1X5 1X7 1X6
3X4 4X5 4X6 2X7 2X6 2X4 2X5
5X6 6X7 5X7 3X6 7X3 3X5 7X4
(7 rest) (1 rest) (2 rest) (5 rest) (4 rest) (6 rest) (3 rest)