Annual Subscription Fees - 2017/2018

The annual subscription fee is £80

This covers the entry of one team in each of the age group tournaments.

Any county wishing to enter two teams will be required to pay £20 for each additional team entered.

For any county entering a team in only one age group tournament, the annual subscription fee is £30.

For any county entering a team in only two age group tournaments, the annual subscription fee is £50.

Payments can be be made to the NMBL Treasurer, Paul Lau or via Bank Transfer. Details below:

Paul Lau
35 Wyndford Terrace
West Yorkshire
LS16 6HU
0113 2756251

If paying by bank transfer please find the details below. Please make sure you include the name of the county in the transaction details.

Account name: North Midway Badminton League
Account number: 61366165
Sort code: 40-18-38

Event Costs - 2017/2018

Payment details on the day of the event:

The cost of the hall this year is £625.00 inc. VAT. These costs will be shared between participating counties. Those counties withdrawing at the last minute will be expected to pay their contribution to the event costs.

11 teams £57.00
10 teams £62.50
9 teams £69.50
8 teams £78.15

Where there are fewer than 8 teams playing, the difference is paid for from subscriptions by NMBL. If there is an amount outstanding on the day, I have been happy to pay this myself and recoup the money from our Secretary.

If you pay by cheque it will need to be made out to '7 Hills Trust. Sheffield International Venues'. The events manager has confirmed that we should have no difficulties in making part payments by business cheques, debit cards and cash. The organiser on the day is responsible for collecting the money.