Tournament Rules 2017/2018

Team membership:

Rank Order:

The Referee:

The Team Managers:




The following criteria will be used:

  1. The Individual Match winner is the county with the most games
  2. If there is a draw the winner will be the county with the most points
  3. The finishing order within a group will be determined on the basis of most matches won, then games then points
  4. Where this is equal on all three the outcome will rest on the winner of a match between the two counties

Overall winner:

The overall results, on the basis of which trophies will be awarded, are decided by adding together the results from both tournaments for that age group. The winning county at each tournament is allocated a score of 1, the runner-up 2, the next 3, & so on. The scores for the two tournaments are added together to give an overall score. The county team with the lowest score wins. In the event that 2 counties have the same total, the winner is:

  1. The county which has won the most matches in total
  2. The county which has won the most games in total
  3. The total points from both tournaments.
  4. in the event that tying counties have played a different number of matches over the course of the two tournaments, matches/games/points will be pro-rated.